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Efficient credentialing for reliable healthcare provider enrollment and verification.

Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize revenue. Streamline processes. Ensure financial efficiency. Improve profitability.

Virtual Medical Staff

Virtual Medical Staff: Expert, Remote Healthcare Professionals Ready to Serve.

24/7 End-to-End billing management services. Lets Physicians Focus on Patients.

Medical Billing Specialities

AYS Medical billing is a billing company with expertise in many different medical billing specialities. Consider outsourcing your medical billing with a company offering excellent customer service and your personal interests in mind. Our specialities includes,

  • Allergy And Immunology
  • Dental Health
  • Podiatry
  • Neurology
  • Fertility
  • Mental And Behavioural Health
  • General Medicine
  • Pain Management

Here to help you

Strenghten your financial performance with AYS Medical Billing.

  • 01 Startup Practices

    AYS Medical Billing will help you to set up services like credentialing, revenue cycle management, medical coding, virtual medical staff.

  • AYS Medical Billing offers an array of custom pricing option to with no hidden & startup cost. Affordable pricing for your billing and management needs. Contact to our sales.

  • AYS Medical Billing Custom-made reports help you know your financial strenghts & weaknesses. Grow your medical practice through our high-quality and detailed analytical reporting. Let our experts guide you to took the right decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes AYS Medical Billing different?

    We are the solution that healthcare providers turn to for plugging the revenue leakage problem that plagues their practices. As healthcare providers face ever increasing cost and revenue pressures, the last thing they can afford is to "leave money on the floor" - but that happens all too often in many practices as revenue leakage is significant and widespread across the medical practice landscape.

  • Yes, AYS Medical Billing will provide a detailed analysis of charge practices to determine your deficiencies. We then recommend changes to your billing process to ensure prompt payment.

  • A non-disclosure agreement will be duly signed by us with the customer. Likewise a non-disclosure bond will be properly signed with our staff. We very well know that this is very much essential in minimizing the outsourcing risks. For inbound and outbound security, we have the firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) facility. Absence of external storage devices like floppy/CD drives USB ports in the Systems. HIPAA Compliant Solutions We Carry Out Extensive Tests For All Of Our Applications Against Established Standards To Ensure That They Comply With HIPAA Regulations, To ensure safety and security all our systems and e-mails are protected with passwords. We have installed anti-virus softwares. Only by the means of the badge access system, the bonafide employees are granted permission to enter into our building. We also have a 24 hour vigil with armed security personnel. Our premises is thoroughly installed with surveillance cameras

  • AYS Medical Billing offers only cost effective service. We greatly save the expenditure in the customer's capital budget to a great extent. Apart from saving nearly 40 to 60% of reduction in costs, we will assist you with our more proficient workflow processes to generate more revenue.