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We Are A Medical Billing Services Provider.

AYS Medical billing is a billing company with expertise in many different medical billing specialities. Consider outsourcing your medical billing with a company offering excellent customer service and your personal interests in mind.

Our Mission

We have only one goal and that is to provide Immediate and effective services to the providers so that they can focus more on their practices and the healing of their patients.

What We Do?

  • Increase percentage of collections
  • Reduce number of denied claims
  • Reduce overhead cost
  • Ensure claim payment on first submission
  • Bring down the Accounts Receivable to take of your billing cycle

Technological Solution To Your Problems:

We provide a better experience of medical billing and its statistics to the providers starting from the very first call. We provide the support that you deserve whenever you need it with immediate solutions.

We are not only medical billing services but we are a partner that also researches and provides updates in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Why You Need Us

Over $100B worth of claims is getting dumped just because it was not coded properly or ignored to get a timely follow up from the insurance.

Each practice has at least 20% of claims written in the past five years just because billers haven't done their job perfectly.

We provide you with the service with a goal of 100% effective billing and coding and keep everything transparent so that you know where is your revenue and which accounts are receivable.